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In pursuit of the dream of opening their first store, Diogo Dalloz joins his wife, Luma Boêta, and create the Jewelery Experience.


A jewelry store/atelier with innovative concepts and design that can be seen both in the store's furniture and in the pieces of the author's brand and the guests that they insist on having by their side.


Our signature - Ideas Made Precious - disclosure our purpose:


We want to transform any idea, dream, desire of our customers into something precious and eternal.

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Diogo Dalloz

Diogo Dalloz shapes jewelry with movement and structure, which oscillate between the sensuality of form and the pragmatism of function. The relentless search for innovation and differentiation led to “|In|complete”, a concept that allows you to change gems with a simple gesture, offering multiple combinations.

Jewels that are more than a complement and are completed by the hand of the wearer.

"I like to explore the versatility of the pieces, which adjust to everyone's taste, but also to the look and mood of each day."

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LUdic Jewelry
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"The love that overflowed in me in 2020 (when my daughter was born) materialized in my first “Little Bird” collection and now we have beautiful options for Mothers and Daughters".

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Through our designer collections or exclusive pieces that we create together with our customers, we want to provide a unique and emotional immersive experience in the fantastic world of jewelery.

Sitting at the goldsmith bench and make a jewel seems something distant and unlikely. However, in our Atelier Jewellery Experience you can be part of the design and productive process of one of the oldest professions in the world.


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The Jewellery Experience

Rua de Miguel Bombarda 285 - Loja 09


[Diogo Dalloz] +351 938141601

"Chamadas rede movel nacional"

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