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All products made out of precious metals are legally certified by INCM / Contrastaria 

The application of assay office marks is only mandatory for silver pieces that weigh more than 2 grams and gold pieces that weigh over 0,5 grams.

You can check the table withor at contrastaria legal punches drawings here , ate INCM page here or at Contrastaria page here.

When in doubt all consumers are able to check the veracity of each hallmark at INCM or HERE.

Daily gold and silver quotations are available on the Banco de Portugal website. To learn more, click here (banco de Portugal) or here (AORP)

List of Evaluators of articles with precios metals and gemological materials - CLICK HERE


Economic operator / Company.: Diogo Dalloz - Joias, Unipessoal Lda

Address: Rua de Miguel Bombarda 285 - Loja 09 - Porto


Nº título de atividade: P009028

Taxpayer Number: 514536071

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