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Our experience consists of countless possibilities.
You can:

- Choose an existing jewelry model in our store and sit at the goldsmith's stand to manufacture your own jewelry;

- Bring ideas to develop a new jewelry together with us;

- Bring stones that would stay in the drawer for a few more years to develop a jewelry especially for it;

- Choose one of our wonderful natural stones to develop your new jewelry;

- Order a new stone to develop your new jewelry.

- Develop your wedding or engagement ring making it unique and personal.

Below we give an idea of ​​what the steps are in the case of developing a new jewel:

1 - First, we set up a meeting with the designer to clarify what you wants and what are the inspirations for it;

2 - then a 3D proposal of the jewelry in question is presented, as well as an initial budget;
*If the project still needs some changes, we make the changes and present the new proposal;

3 - Once the budget and the 3D model are approved, we print your jewelry in resin so that you can get a real idea of ​​your jewelry (and you can even try the jewelry on);

4 - Once the 3D project and budget are approved, we proceed to the production of the metal jewelry (Silver or Gold) which takes an average of 2 weeks to be produced.

The possibilities are endless, just contact us to chat and we will make your experience unforgettable.

Interested? Contact us so we can understand what you need.

Tel: +351 938141601 (whatsapp)


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