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"The love that overflowed in me in 2020 (when my daughter was born) materialized in my first “Little Bird” collection, and now we have beautiful options for Mothers and Daughters".

When it comes time to choose our profession for the future, at such a young age, we tend to think it's something definitive. Today I see that nothing is definitive and that it is never too late to reinvent yourself.

Even though I don't work with what I chose in the past, it was because of everything I've lived along this path that I am the woman of today, ready to create jewelry that expresses my love for motherhood and the simple things in life. Representing the simplicity of life as the love between mother and daughter or just a firefly in the night, through jewelry, is a privilege that I love to share with my clients.

LUdic is an inspired jewelry brand made for women, mothers, nature lovers and those who like simplicity.


I hope you like it and can enjoy every moment and story that my creations will provide you.

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