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19.2K Gold with citrine.

Dimensions (mm):10 x15

Weight: 4,8 grams



Corporate adornments and paintings cover the body, making the individual's vulnerability overcome by its use, giving the individual an identity of belonging. Thus, the use of marks as adornments on the skin, exceeding an ornamental function, serving as an amulet of protection or social or religious recognition.

Initially made of shells and bones, a jewelery evolved as the metals "expedient by the gods" were discovered. Symbol of status and power, jewelry helped to differentiate social classes and individuals as their ideas.

The "The Power of Fire" ring was inspired by the moment that man began to "domesticate" the fire, leading to its evolution. The Citrine in it, erected and surrounded by the "tribal" flames inspired by the corporate paintings that are now used to differentiate, represent the fire so powerful and determining for humanity symbolizing its divine power.

The Power of Fire Ring in Gold with citrine

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