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New engagement ring

CJ came to us because she wanted to upgrade her engagement ring. As the engagement ring has great sentimental value, I proposed keeping the central part of the ring and adding more diamonds around it.

A Love Reinvented: CJ's Engagement Ring Journey

In the heart of their love story was an engagement ring with profound sentimental value. It was with this ring that CJ had accepted marriage proposal, a moment that forever changed their lives. Yet, despite the deep emotional connection, CJ couldn't help but feel that the ring didn't entirely represent her.

The ring, while already exquisite, left CJ longing for a piece that would not only symbolize their commitment but also reflect her unique personality and style. Together, they made the decision that it was time to do something truly special.

Rather than replacing the entire ring, they chose to preserve its original structure, which held significant memories of their engagement. It was a way to honor the magical moment when their journey together officially began. However, they wanted to infuse the ring with added beauty and brilliance, making it more unique and meaningful.

Thus began their journey to enhance CJ's engagement ring. They consulted Diogo jeweler who shared their vision and helped select dazzling diamonds that would complement the existing design. With each added gemstone, they witnessed the ring coming to life in an entirely new way.

The transformation process was exhilarating. Seeing the ring that had united them now gleaming with a fresh, radiant beauty felt like writing a new chapter in their love story. And when the ring was finally ready, it was nothing short of perfection.




19.2K White Gold and Diamonds



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